Concatenation Storage Question

shancloudinary Member Posts: 8

Hello, we are using the API to concatenate audio files. Let’s say we have an audio file that is 50MB and we want to create 100 different “localized” versions where part 1 is unique audio and part 2 of all the contented files is the same audio.

Does the system create 100 new files containing the audio or does the concatenated URL only reference part 2. In other words, the 2nd audio file is 50MB and we create 100 versions, does that create 5000MB of audio, or is the 2nd part still one file that is triggered to play when the URL is hit.

I hope this makes sense.



  • Cloudinary Team
    Cloudinary Team Administrator, Cloudinary Staff Posts: 129 admin

    Hi Shan,

    Thanks for contacting Cloudinary.

    According to your question that I understood, the answer would be 100 new files with 5000MB of audio.

    Can you please provide more details on what you are trying to achieve here?


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