Can I use tranformed video as overlay?

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I have use case where I want to concatenate 100 - 150 clips of 10 seconds to make a highlight reel from a long may be 1-2 hour video.
These can end up making the url long. So I was thinking whether I can transform each clips seperately then just kind of join it in the end using overlays.

For ex I have to join 10 clips each 10 secs of different startOffsets may be of different videos. I want edit/trim these 10 seperately and once they are trimmed just concatenate them.

So I know that transformation are saved as derived version of the video but can I use them to with overlay if yes then how to define its path? if not then is there any other way i can save these transfromed clips and access them while concatenating?


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    Hi @Neha_Sharma ,

    Cloudinary supports the concatenation of videos by using the overlay video parameter (l_video: in URLs) to specify the name of another uploaded video and then the splice flag (fl_splice in URLs) to indicate that the video should be concatenated onto the container video and not added as an overlay.
    You can read more about it here :

    The derived version is saved with the transformation parameters in the URL and cannot be used as is in a path as an overlay. What you can do is reupload the video using the upload preset with the incoming transformation and then the video will be saved with another public_id with the transformation applied. You can read more about it here:

    I hope you find it useful.

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