April 2024 Community Update

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Hi all! Each month a lot of new content rolls through this community, so I’ll be sharing a few key resources you might have missed. So without further ado, here’s the April updates:

Resource of the Month

📺 New Android SDK self-paced course in the Cloudinary Academy

In this 35-minute course, @jenbrissman shares exactly how Android developers can upload, transform, and optimize images and videos in their apps. You can use our sample application and its open-source code to explore the native video player and effortlessly integrate image loaders for seamless asset downloading.

Link: https://training.cloudinary.com/courses/introduction-to-cloudinarys-android-sdk-35-minute-course

New Feature of the Month

🧰 A new feature for the Video Player: You can now optionally enable word highlighting for your Video Player paced subtitles to show exactly when each individual word is spoken in the video, just like in a karaoke video.

Link: https://cloudinary.com/documentation/programmable_media_release_notes#video_player_karaoke_style_word_highlight

Project of the Month

🖼️ In partnership with FreeCodeCamp, @colbyfayock developed a project to build a Google Photos app clone with Next.js and Cloudinary. You can find an extended tutorial video on YouTube, as well as a full set of starter templates in GitHub:

GitHub: https://github.com/colbyfayock/demo-photo-library-starter

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