Request for Assistance with Cloudinary Secure Storage and Access Methods

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Hello Cloudinary Team,

We are developing our project as a Flutter web and Flutter mobile application. We plan to use Cloudinary's secure storage and access methods to ensure the privacy of the images uploaded by users. However, we have some uncertainties in this regard and we would like to benefit from your experience.

Here are our questions regarding ensuring the privacy of images:

  1. How can we enable Cloudinary's private storage features and can we hide uploaded images from other users using these features?
  2. After ensuring the privacy of an image, how can we view this image?
  3. After ensuring the privacy of an image, how can we specify which users have access to this image? For example, can we allow only specific users or a specific user group to access these images?
  4. Besides users who have been granted access to the images, what security measures can we take to prevent other users from viewing these images?
  5. In which package can we use these features?

We request your recommendations and technical guidance on this matter. We want to benefit from your experience to successfully complete our project.

Thank you in advance for your attention and assistance.

Best regards,


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