next-cloudinary CldImage problem

Wardo Member Posts: 1
edited May 13 in Developer APIs

I am able to present my Cloudinary images via public URL with the React <img> tag.

Using the same URL with <CldImage> I get

TypeError: Failed to construct 'URL': Invalid URL

I'm new to Cloudinary but proficient with Nextjs and React. I must be missing something basic, but can't figure out what.

Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  • Cloudinary Team
    Cloudinary Team Administrator, Cloudinary Staff Posts: 129 admin

    Hi Wardo,

    Thanks for contacting Cloudinary. A typical cldimage in react would be as shown below:

    const CldImage = ({ publicId }) => {
    const myImage = cld
    return (

    export default CldImage;

    Can you please send along the code you are facing errors ?

    I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have further questions. Looking forward to your response.


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