Mp3 to M3U8 audio file bitrate and quality transformation.

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I want to create an m3u8 file from my node api. Though it converts the extension type and i can easily play it on any m3u8 player. But it fails to perform other transformations like bitrates. I think cloudinary does not support adaptive streaming for audio only files, so i am creating 3 transformations with different bitrates. Then i create a custom m3u8 file pointing to the response urls. But all of them have same audio quality and bitrates.

const uploadOptions: UploadApiOptions = {   
  access_mode: 'public',     
unique_filename: true,     
folder: fileInfo.folder,     
public_id: publicId,   
eager_async: eagerOption,
  eager: [     
  { bit_rate: "128k", quality: 40, format: 'm3u8' },       
{ bit_rate: "192k", quality: 80, format: 'm3u8' },      ],
      eager_notification_url: process.env.EAGER_URL,   
this is how i build the new file
— url —

— url —

— url —



  • sufian
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    i need support on this please.

  • Tom
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    Hi @sufian ,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Can you please send us the delivery URL of you eager call and also a sample m3u8 file you are testing?

    If you don't want to share this publicly, you can raise a request via

    Kind Regards,