Preview image for uploaded videos

endpointsystems Member Posts: 6

Is there a way, programmatically or otherwise, where one could build a process to get a snippet of a video to use as a preview image?

Users on my platform have an image gallery, and I'd like to have the option to upload videos. For the videos, I'd like to have a static image in the gallery, preferably with a play button overlay, and when they click on the image, they get a dialog that plays the video.

When a user uploads a video to my platform it's highly likely to be something they've posted on Instagram or TikTok. I have little to no foreknowledge of the video getting loaded. I'd like to find a way to capture an image of maybe the first second or so of the video for the preview — or, if the upload process already does this, even better.

Is there a way to set up an eager transform and/or a webhook or something to get this information?