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I am building Ai image saas platform where I am using cloudinary when I transformed the image it is not shown in home section named as recent images


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    Hi @Abhinav1593 ,

    Can you please share the URL that is not showing?

    When Cloudinary returns an error for an image URL that failed to load due to a problem with the image or URL, we return an HTTP header containing more information about why the request failed.

    This information is sent in the x-cld-error header, and you can see the value by using your browser's web developer tools to examine the request and response for the image that didn't load correctly.


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    "use server";
    import { revalidatePath } from "next/cache";import { connectToDatabase } from "../database/mongoose";import { handleError } from "../utils";import User from "../database/models/user.model";import Image from "../database/models/image.model";import { redirect } from "next/navigation";
    import { v2 as cloudinary } from 'cloudinary'
    const populateUser = (query: any) => query.populate({  path: 'author',  model: User,  select: '_id firstName lastName clerkId'})
    // ADD IMAGEexport async function addImage({ image, userId, path }: AddImageParams) {  try {    await connectToDatabase();
        const author = await User.findById(userId);
        if (!author) {      throw new Error("User not found");    }
        const newImage = await Image.create({      ...image,      author: author._id,    })
        return JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(newImage));  } catch (error) {    handleError(error)  }}
    // UPDATE IMAGEexport async function updateImage({ image, userId, path }: UpdateImageParams) {  try {    await connectToDatabase();
        const imageToUpdate = await Image.findById(image._id);
        if (!imageToUpdate || imageToUpdate.author.toHexString() !== userId) {      throw new Error("Unauthorized or image not found");    }
        const updatedImage = await Image.findByIdAndUpdate(      imageToUpdate._id,      image,      { new: true }    )
        return JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(updatedImage));  } catch (error) {    handleError(error)  }}
    // DELETE IMAGEexport async function deleteImage(imageId: string) {  try {    await connectToDatabase();
        await Image.findByIdAndDelete(imageId);  } catch (error) {    handleError(error)  } finally{    redirect('/')  }}
    // GET IMAGEexport async function getImageById(imageId: string) {  try {    await connectToDatabase();
        const image = await populateUser(Image.findById(imageId));
        if(!image) throw new Error("Image not found");
        return JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(image));  } catch (error) {    handleError(error)  }}
    // GET IMAGESexport async function getAllImages({ limit = 9, page = 1, searchQuery = '' }: {  limit?: number;  page: number;  searchQuery?: string;}) {  try {    await connectToDatabase();
        cloudinary.config({      cloud_name: process.env.NEXT_PUBLIC_CLOUDINARY_CLOUD_NAME,      api_key: process.env.CLOUDINARY_API_KEY,      api_secret: process.env.CLOUDINARY_API_SECRET,      secure: true,    })
        let expression = 'folder=imaginify';
        if (searchQuery) {      expression += ` AND ${searchQuery}`    }
        const { resources } = await cloudinary.search      .expression(expression)      .execute();
        const resourceIds = resources.map((resource: any) => resource.public_id);
        let query = {};
        if(searchQuery) {      query = {        publicId: {          $in: resourceIds        }      }    }
        const skipAmount = (Number(page) -1) * limit;
        const images = await populateUser(Image.find(query))      .sort({ updatedAt: -1 })      .skip(skipAmount)      .limit(limit);        const totalImages = await Image.find(query).countDocuments();    const savedImages = await Image.find().countDocuments();
        return {      data: JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(images)),      totalPage: Math.ceil(totalImages / limit),      savedImages,    }  } catch (error) {    handleError(error)  }}
    // GET IMAGES BY USERexport async function getUserImages({  limit = 9,  page = 1,  userId,}: {  limit?: number;  page: number;  userId: string;}) {  try {    await connectToDatabase();
        const skipAmount = (Number(page) - 1) * limit;
        const images = await populateUser(Image.find({ author: userId }))      .sort({ updatedAt: -1 })      .skip(skipAmount)      .limit(limit);
        const totalImages = await Image.find({ author: userId }).countDocuments();
        return {      data: JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(images)),      totalPages: Math.ceil(totalImages / limit),    };  } catch (error) {    handleError(error);  }}

    this is my image.actions code my problem is that i am using google auto tagging and ai background removal. in my project i have build 5 tools which are image restoration, generative fill, object removal, object color and background change so suppose if i transformed 1 image using any tool it is shown in home page under recent images but in my case cloudinary did not retrieved back the transformed images and shown in home page

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    Hi @Abhinav1593 . I think it is better we continue this conversation over a support ticket, where you can provide us with the response that your code returns when an upload is complete.

    Could you please create a ticket via https://support.cloudinary.com?

    Kind regards,