May 2024 Community Update

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Hi all! Each month a lot of new content rolls through this community, so to help you find the gems in the mix, I’m sharing a few key resources you might have missed. So without further ado, here’s the May updates:

Resource of the Month

📺 Syncing Local Folders to Cloudinary for Automated Cloud Storage

In this DevJamp episode, Hadar Bejerano⁠, the head of the Solutions Engineering team, talks about how he built  ⁠CloudyDesktop⁠ - a tool to automate uploads to Cloudinary from a local folder. 

You'll learn more about ways to use ⁠Cloudinary's CLI⁠ in your projects. Hadar also shows how to use some of the project's tools and packages - ⁠Electron⁠, Keytar and ⁠Chokidar⁠.

If you're trying to find a way to automate your data uploading, this is an episode you won't want to miss!


Feature of the Month

🧰  New design for Video Player Studio! There's a fresh design for the video player studio in the Cloudinary console, with visual improvements, a new tab organization that helps improve control over player behavior, appearance, and general settings.

We've also added a new Video Configuration page in the Console that you can use for configuring the behavior of a specific video source, including the setup for chapters, subtitles, titles, descriptions, and more.


Project of the Month

🖼️ I mentioned this last month, but it’s such a great resource I am giving it another shout-out: In partnership with FreeCodeCamp, @colbyfayock developed a project to build a Google Photos app clone with Next.js and Cloudinary. You can find an extended tutorial video on YouTube, as well as a full set of starter templates in GitHub:

GitHub Link:

Tutorial Link:

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