How to add an audio file in CLT manifest

Magicbooksio Member Posts: 2

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction real quick as I searched all the doc and can find no mention of it. Thanks.



  • Zachary
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    Hi there,

    Currently, audio and audio transformations are not compatible with video generation. That being said you can add your generated video as a layer on top of an audio file. Audio files are delivered as type: video, so as long as you change the file format to a video-compatible format your video should play without issues.

    Generated video:

    Sound file that we use as the base (remember we will need to change it to mp4):

    Final video with sound:

  • Magicbooksio
    Magicbooksio Member Posts: 2

    Thank you so much. Somehow I knew that was what I would end up doing. I've been doing that before the create video came out so I can definitely continue. Thank you so much🙏🩵