🤖 Fix Small, Blurry Images with Cloudinary AI

CloudinarySam Administrator, Cloudinary Staff Posts: 22
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Hey Cloudinary Community! I wanted you to know about our latest self-paced workshop in the Cloudinary Academy. https://training.cloudinary.com/courses/fixing-small-blurry-images-with-cloudinarys-generative-ai-30-minute-workshop

With Cloudinary’s Generative AI transformations, you can fix one of the most common problems in content creation - images that are too small, pixelated and blurry for publication.

Our skilled instructors will show you how to apply our upscale transformations to add fine detail where it is needed, using our APIs and SDKs in your development environment.

Thanks for your time! Let me know if you have any questions about the material or Cloudinary in general - I'm always happy to help.