On-the-fly Background Removal

colbyfayock Member, Cloudinary Staff Posts: 8
edited August 2022 in Developer APIs

Background removal is one of my favorite tools baked-in to Cloudinary, but it always required a bit of extra effort to both upload it and figure out when the background removal process is completed.

The good news is now we can remove backgrounds on the fly 🤩

Simply add the e_background_removal transformation and you're done.

First time hitting the URL you'll get a 423 which will kick off processing, but once done, the removal is saved and cached for all subsequent requests.

Check out this example of my profile picture:



Or better yet, easily adding a pixelated background or other effects:




  • ranrub
    ranrub Member, Cloudinary Staff Posts: 2

    This is so awesome. background removal was super cool but wasn't very east to use because it required an api call. I'm going to use it much more often in demos now.

    in testing I found out it doesn't work on fetch resources, hope it's fixed soon!