Use a text overlay along with a remote image.

raymondcamden Member Posts: 8

I'm using this URL to load in a remote image, and it works fine (removing https to stop the post from rendering it):,0&zoom=14&size=400x400&key=AIzaSyCA0y7kh6V8poL-faDyVf3TpnLDNf9XtQY

When I try to add a text layer, like so:,0&zoom=14&size=400x400&key=AIzaSyCA0y7kh6V8poL-faDyVf3TpnLDNf9XtQY

I get a broken image. Checking the headers, I see this error: Invalid value l_text:Arial_80:Flowers for parameter type


  • colbyfayock
    colbyfayock Member, Cloudinary Staff Posts: 8

    /fetch/ is the delivery type and must always come after the asset type (image)

    so you'd want it to look like: