Search for empty value in metadata field AND specific value in another metadata field

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I can search for an empty value in a metadata field with this expression:


I can search for a value in a metadata field with this expression:


But I get an error when I try to combine them with 'AND'

-metadata=client_award_level AND metadata.material_number="49738066"

com.cloudinary.api.exceptions.BadRequest: Query Error (at position 33) '-metadata=client_award_level AND ➥➥➥ metadata.material_number="49738066"'

How can I do this? I'm using the Java SDK which just passes the above expression to the API.

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  • Vdeub
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    Hi Scott,

    You will need to put the negation as the last component of your expression i.e this will work:

    metadata.material_number="49738066" AND -metadata=client_award_level

    Hope that helps.




  • scotts0rensen
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    From trial and error I discovered that putting parenthesis around the metadata negation also works. This is a better solution in our situation than to put them all at the end of the expression.

    (-metadata=client_award_level) AND metadata.material_number="49738066"

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    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for sharing the solution you found. If you have any questions, just let us know 😊

    Kind regards,