We have encountered an error while uploading "folder must not end with a whitespace."?

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Just want to know how can i find this folder which is creating problem and delete this one. it was working fine and it suddenly started throwing error problem is that we have multiple folders created but not sure which one is creating problem thats why need help to find that one and delete it






  • chavlene
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    me too!

  • aleksandar
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    Hi @Usama , @chavlene ,

    Thanks for reporting.

    This is related to very recent/new functionality that prevents the creation of assets where any folders as part of the public_id contain leading or trailing whitespace. Previously this was not the case.

    Please create a ticket with our Support team via: https://support.cloudinary.com/hc/en-us/requests/new - and we can help to identify the folder in question and see if it would be viable to remove the whitespace from the public_id of each asset that is stored inside that folder. Though it's important to note that renaming the public_id will change the delivery URL so this should only be done if the assets in that folder are not being requested otherwise existing URLs will start returning an error after the rename. Alternatively, we can toggle a flag for your cloud to support the old behaviour if you'll need some time to update your code/cloud to account for this behaviour.



  • Babarali
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    It was functioning properly until it started giving errors. The issue is that we have several folders created but are unsure which one is the cause of the issue, thus we need assistance identifying it and deleting it.

  • rlux
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    @Babarali -- this is the kind of issue that will require account information discussions, so please open a support ticket! We'll be happy to help troubleshoot.

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    @Usama -- The functionality that limits the generation of assets with any directories as part of the public id including leading or trailing whitespace is connected to recent/new functionality. This wasn't the case in the past.