Is cloudinary tracking the user behaviour or anything else of my website?

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Due to GDPR I need to know, if cloudinary is tracking the user behaviour or anything else of my website when an image is loading or used. Otherwise i have first to block the images and after accapting the cookies show the images. Therefore it is very important for us to know it.

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  • rlux
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    Hi @BenediktUlrich --

    Cloudinary is GDPR compliant. For the purposes of the Cloudinary media management platform service, we are a data processor and our customers are data controllers, or data processors as well.

    Cloudinary’s privacy policy, including contacts for removal requests and our data retention policy, is available at

    Our most recent DPA version (March 2022) can be found here.

  • As I understand it right, it is about the usage of the website cloudinary. But if I have an own website and it loads pictures from cloudinary to preview it on the website, is cloudinary then collecting data about users on my website? I can not find a text about this inside the DPA or privacy page.

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  • Stephen
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    Hi Benedikt,

    Rachel forwarded your question to our support team directly, and I'll follow up via our ticketing system directly soon