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Our team has recently encountered an issue where we're unable to upload images to a specific folder. When prompted to receive information as to why we receive the following notification, "Folder must not end in a whitespace."

We've never experienced any problems with the folder before so it's a bit perplexing as to why we are now. Any guidance would be appreciated.


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  • SreeCloudinary
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    Hi @Trey

    Thanks for contacting Cloudinary.

    This is due to a recent change that we made to our code base. It looks like you have created a ticket with us already.

    My Colleague has added a flag to bypass this whitespace but as a general practice try to avoid whitespaces as they can later interfere with moving assets from one folder to another.

    Example: "folder"=>"Website BUILD/Pages/Shades "

    Can you please try again?




  • Trey
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    This has successfully addressed the issue.

    Quick question. Was the whitespace inside of the code itself or did it stem from the original naming of the folder?