Uploading with the same public id

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Hi there.

I am trying to have an image accessible at a certain link: "/upload/public_id" and for that to be overrideable and for the new image to completely replace the old, and be accessible by the same link.

The problem I currently have is that the first image for a certain URL will work as expected but then further replace uploads with only be accessible via /upload/vXYZ/public_id. The first ever uploaded image will still be what loads at the link without the version extension.

This is the upload form:

And the signing function:

Upload preset:

From my googling the only last solution is to version each upload with the same version number but whenever I try that I get an unauthorised error and the upload does not work.

Thank you!



  • rlux
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    @lukiester -- were you able to get some help on this?

  • lukiester
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    Hi rlux, yes I did! All sorted thank you.

  • ShowGo_Shane
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    Hello @lukiester, and/or @rlux...

    Thanks for posting. This is a great question and something I've hit so am interested in it as well.

    @lukiester, since you have already included the three screenshots containing your settings - (And, if the solution was to alter those settings in any way) - would you mind giving a short description of the solution along with the edited screenshot?

    This would be so effective and helpful because we could easily look at the difference between the original setup and the updated one(s) to easily identify the changes that were made to ultimately resolve the issue.

    *I apologize if this is a big Ask, but wanted to ask since the post is virtually complete.