🤖 New AI Image Transformations and Features from Cloudinary

CloudinarySam Administrator, Cloudinary Staff Posts: 22
edited July 2023 in General

Hey there! As an active Cloudinary Community member, I wanted to let you know about three new Programmable Media Product Innovations and their associated walkthroughs.

Our Generative AI features now let you easily remove objects, fill backgrounds and create captions in images. In addition, you can now use Cloudinary Search API expressions to generate a cacheable search URL!

If you want to get up to speed on these innovations, check out the latest walkthroughs on Cloudinary's YouTube channel.

You can also find all of the walkthroughs in our Cloudinary Academy workshop!

And lastly, check out the amazing release notes and associated documentation on these features.

Thanks for your time, and enjoy the fresh educational content from Cloudinary! If you have any questions about the content or the new features, please share them in this thread.