I can't find admin/js/jquery.js file in my Django project.

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So I'm using django-cloudinary-storage library, and recently got into an error when Debug=False.

I was looking into the issue and found out that there is no admin/js/jquery.js file. All the other static files are located in that specific folder, all hashed as the all should be.

But I there was no admin/js/jquery.js file, which caused problem in hashed_name function in HashClouindaryMixin class in storage.py file, saying absolute_path is None.

This eventually caused TypeError (TypeError: expected str, bytes or os.PathLike object, not NoneType)

What do you think is the problem? How can I fix it? And why does this happen only when Debug = False?



  • epasos
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    Based on the documentation from the project page (i.e., third party) - `Please note that you must set DEBUG to False to fetch static files from Cloudinary. With DEBUG equal to True, Django staticfiles app will use your local files for easier and faster development` (see this GitHub link).