Cloudinary DAM : Basic Searching Guidelines for Global Search

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🔎 Searching is not case-sensitive:




..will each return the same results.

🔎 Boolean operands must be specified in all UPPER-CASE:

beach AND sand

beach OR sand

beach NOT sand

🔎 Boolean searching is implied OR:

beach sand

beach OR sand

..will each return the same results and is designed to allow for quick & easy inclusion of multiple query values such as Product IDs. For scenarios where assets must include all matching values, remember to use Boolean AND.

🔎 Boolean queries for assets that must include all values requires AND:

beach AND sunshine

palm AND tree AND coconut

🔎 Trailing wIldcards are supported and can be used in conjunction with Booleans:


beach* AND sand*

..may possibly be useful when searching for metadata values that may have been pluralized and/or lengthier values (although in most cases trailing wildcards are implied and not necessary).

🔎 Phrasal searching is supported and can be used in conjunction with both trailing wildcards and Booleans:

“sandy beach” AND sunshine

“sandy beach” AND fish*

🔎 A single grouped term (sub-query) is supported as the first term:

(beach OR sand) AND desert

(beach OR sand OR cliff) AND desert

..may be useful to provide more control of the Boolean logic for a query.

👉️ Additional information on the Cloudinary DAM Global Search is available via the official documentation -