Download Isn't Working

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I'm trying to download a folder by logging into Cloudinary. Immediately upon right clicking the folder and selecting download, I get two alerts -- one that zip file is being generated and another that says "this folder is empty, there is nothing to download."

Needless to say, nothing ever downloads. The folder has less than 1000 assets and the size of the files are very small so that shouldn't be the issue.

Please help! Need to download a backup.



  • Cloudinary Team
    Cloudinary Team Administrator, Cloudinary Staff Posts: 113 admin

    Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Can you please share your cloud name, so that we can check the logs for your account? The cloud name is not a secret value. However, if you are uncomfortable sharing that here in the community I understand. If that is the case I ask you to open a support ticket directly by clicking here:

    Kind regards,


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