Generating Download URL Returning 404

ryanjneil Member Posts: 1

When generating a download URL using utils.private_download_url(publicId, format, options) the method returns 200 with a seemingly correct URL string. However, when trying access the string in the browser or pass it as a link in my react application I get a 404 "resource not found".

What could be causing this? I've looked all over and can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong.



  • Tamara
    Tamara Member, Cloudinary Staff Posts: 106

    Hi @ryanjneil

    To better understand the issue, I need some more information.

    Can I please ask you to provide more details about the problem you're encountering?

    Please confirm which version of our SDK you're using, as well as:

    • A sample of your code showing where the error occurs.
    • An example of such a URL

    Looking forward to your response.