There were any update on cloudinary environment V2 to connect with ?

HYM_DeveloperTeam1 Member Posts: 1

Hi , good day, I am having problem to upload files images from my VPS from hostinger, This error appears: Error: getaddrinfo EAI_AGAIN

    at GetAddrInfoReqWrap.onlookup [as oncomplete] (node:dns:71:26) {

  errno: -3001,

  code: 'EAI_AGAIN',

  syscall: 'getaddrinfo',

  hostname: ''



  • Tamara
    Tamara Member, Cloudinary Staff Posts: 97

    Hi there,

    Based on the error message, it seems that an upload request was made to either an unavailable resource or a restricted resource, such as PDF files, which may not be permitted for your account by default (however, you can adjust this setting under the "Security" tab to allow access to PDF files). Did you have access to the fully requested URL?

    Looking forward to your response.