Has anyone use synfusion sfUpload

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I am trying to upload images to my account using SyncFusion SfUpload. Has any used this or can point me to where I might get some info on this?




  • Zachary
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    Hey there Tom,

    While I've never used SyncFusion and am entirely unfamiliar with them before this, looking through their documentation it looks like you should be able to replace the saveUrl and removeUrls with Cloudinary Upload API endpoints.

    By default, the API endpoints use the following format: https://api.cloudinary.com/v1_1/:cloud_name/:action

    You can read more about our upload API via our documentation.

    Additionally, after looking at their documentation it does show that they support directly uploading to a private S3 bucket. You could then either fetch or autoload assets to your Cloudinary account.

    Here is a short guide on the process.

    I hope this helps, I would recommend also reaching out to Synfusion's community to see if they have ever tried this integration.

    Happy coding!

  • Tom7254
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    Thanks for you help Zachary.