files are automatically renamed on upload

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I am using the upload button in the media library and cloudinary automatically renames my uploaded files to somthing random.

I have deleted the default ml_preset and created a new upload preset with the options Use filename or externally defined Public ID = on and Unique filename = off.

Cloudinary still renames my image files…

Please help!





  • tia
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    Hi Bruno,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Can you please share an example of a file you uploaded where the file is being renamed? I checked the logs for your account and I see many uploads that are retaining the file name as they should.

    For example, I see that you uploaded a file user5.png The resulting public_id in Cloudinary is origo/user5
    This is correct. In the upload preset, you specified that the uploads should go to the origo folder. The public_id is the full path, including the folder, so the public_id in this case becomes origo/user5

    I look forward to your reply.

    Kind regards,