How can I upload larger images?

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I seem to be having trouble uploading any images > 1MB. For example the image at the below URL. I am using the ruby gem and am not able to get this to work even when I use the upload_large method or add a timeout. I consistently get the error: CloudinaryException: Error in loading - Timed out reading data from server

Cloudinary::Uploader.upload_large(url, folder: "#{Rails.env}/items")



  • Vdeub
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    Hi @kaitlinoran,

    The issue Timed out reading data from server means that Net-a-Porter is actually blocking server-side connections so we can't download the file directly like this. If you are the owner of this website, you can whitelist our user agent Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Cloudinary/1.0) .

    Note that the upload_large method should be used for files larger than 100MB so in your case, this is unrelated to the error as mentioned above.

    Hope that helps.