How to list all images inside folder ?

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Hi, I am having issue connecting to cloudinary to fetch images inside folder. All other requests inside postman works fine, except this, I keep getting 404 html response.

Please tell me what I did wrong here. Thank you

Postman API:



  • carlevison
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    Hi - it's likely that your product environment is set up for fixed folder mode - see

    You can check it on your Programmable Media dashboard.

    If so, the 'asset_folder' parameter is not supported. Instead, you should use the search method with the 'folder' expression field.

  • itsjustausername
    itsjustausername Member Posts: 2

    Thank you, worked well

    curl --location '<cloudname>/resources/search?expression=folder%3DFolderName%2F*' --header 'Authorization: <Header Auth>=='