Search API: search by created_at with timestamp

scotts0rensen Member Posts: 4

Using the search API, I can search by created_at with this expression:


But how can I include a timestamp?

If I follow the format from this documentation:


I get the error:

"Query Error (at position 25) 'created_at>2023-09-01T08 ➥➥➥:00:00Z'"


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  • DannyFromCloudinary
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    Hey @scotts0rensen

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    If you add a double backslash in front of any colon, it should escape the character and result in a working search query. For instance,



  • scotts0rensen
    scotts0rensen Member Posts: 4

    I was hoping to use this format:


    "Query Error (at position 25) 'created_at>2023-09-01T16 ➥➥➥:57:23+00:00'"